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Why I hope this pandemic changes our attitude towards travel

Whether you are a hobbyist strolling a new city, a travel blogger looking to share spectacular sights with your readers, or a professional photographer looking for a new niche, the architecture around us all the time is an exciting and varied subject.

  • Always Use a Tripod
  • Composition for Building Photography
  • Control Perspective

What is Architecture Photography?

Architecture is the design of buildings and living spaces; it's an art to itself that many people enjoy and appreciate. To photograph buildings, you are taking pictures of someone else's work. But in doing so, you capture how the building exists in the real world after it has been built, something that the architects only dream of.

Camera Equipment for Architecture

Nearly any camera can do a good job taking architecture photos. You can do it with your smartphone, but a camera with premium features will make your life easier. As is usually the case in different types of photography, yes, you can take amazing photos on any camera. But a professional camera will help you do it consistently, and it has more options to help your creativity.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

The biggest mistake you can make in architecture photos is to snap and go, with little planning or forethought. Take your time and exercise your creative grey cells.

If you follow the tips below, you will avoid many of the most common mistakes while taking architecture photos. The biggest things to keep in mind are avoiding getting bogged down in technicalities and instead worry more about the basics of good photography like composition, lighting, and creating a connection with the viewer. When choosing lenses, think about the distortion that some of your lenses will cause and work to avoid it. Finally, be sure to spend some time considering how you want to present the building by thinking about the best time of day for the best light. 

Alex Catalan

Hello! I am Alex Catalan. I am city skyline and landscape photographer. I fell in love with photography when I bought my first digital camera Canon 5d Mark II back in 2011.